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The Sababa Way was inspired by Jonathan Stone and Dawn Elyzabeth, co-founders, to help our children now while making a difference for future generations in our community without changing our daily habits. It’s that simple!

The company began in 2014. Elyzabeth and Stone were hosting a local Las Vegas radio show where they learned about the overwhelming facts of childhood hunger. “Was it really true that one out of six children go to bed hungry?” Stone wondered.

It was.

13,118,000 children are food insecure across America. Results from lack of Nutrition:

∙ Being sick more often & hospitalized more frequently
∙ Impairing a child’s ability to concentrate and perform well in school
∙ Higher levels of behavior and emotional problems

Childhood food insecurity is a major problem all over the world. But our mission is starting right here in our own backyard. Here in the USA. The Sababa Way is actively working towards decreasing this, but we can't do it without you.

“We realized if we were going to create about 40 million meals every single day, this would have to be a different kind of format,” Elyzabeth explained. “So we looked at how we could do it so full communities would get involved.”

Sababa, a One into One Company, means that for every Sababa product you buy, Sababa will donate a meal to a food insecure child in your community.

Together we will create change and build empathy. Now is the time we take care of our future generations.